Welcome to Bread Heaven

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We are the Great Harvest Bread Company and we are “Bread Heaven.” Not just a set of words but the bar we set for everything; we live by this mantra. We are defined, first and foremost by our core product, our bread. It is special and we do it right. From the very start when we hand select our wheat from the Golden Triangle of Montana, the best wheat source on earth. To the time that wheat arrives, at locally-owned stores, where it will be stone milled into fresh flour on-site then baked into phenomenal breads and goodies every day from scratch. We continue to do it right until the special moment when our fresh baked goods are cheerfully passed over the counter to our customers -- who become lifelong friends of Great Harvest. 
This is... Bread. The way it ought to be. 


Handmade cookies, muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls made in the wee hours of the morning, served hot out of the oven to greet customers every morning. This is Bread Heaven.   

We are also defined by our people, the friendly and caring people that produce and serve the amazing products. Not just a bakery, where customers pick up their bread and leave but a bakery where they can sit, enjoy, and savor the aroma of the thing that kindles their memories. People that become friends. Not mass manufactured, machine made, preservative laden, air puffed bread, and not your normal customer service! The best products, best service, and the friendliest people. This is a new place in towns across America. This is Bread Heaven.   

This is a responsibility we take seriously. We continually improve, invent, and create all the things that allow our consumers to enjoy our bread and everything that goes with it. We create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere; where simply, the aroma and friendly people bring our customers back to a place they love and remember.    
Great Harvest Bread of Austin