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Pancakes are the perfect start to your day and preparing them is relatively simple. ;Just remember that there are certain details that can help you create fluffy and delicious treats. ; ;For this reason at Great Harvest in Austin, we would like to share some tips to make perfect pancakes.

Follow these Ideas to Make Perfect Pancakes

Mix the Ingredients Thoroughly

You may have heard that you should get rid of lumps in your batter to cook fluffy pancakes. ;However, you shouldn't overwork the batter, as it will have the opposite effect. Also, remember to use fresh ingredients and keep in mind that ;you should prepare the batter right before you are going to cook it.

Use the Right Heat

Use a non stick skillet to prepare your pancakes and make sure to set your stove ;on high heat and lower it right before you start cooking. ;Remember to coat your pan with oil or butter and reapply between batches.

When to Flip your Pancake?

Knowing when to flip your pancake can be tricky, just remember that you wait until the bubbles on top of the pancake pop. ;Keep in mind that pressing your pancakes with the spatula will make them lose their consistency. This summer is also a good chance to take advantage of all the vegetables that this season has for us, ;just remember that there is a good way to include your stale bread and make you salads even more delicious, so be sure to read our guide to prepare croutons.

Bread in Austin

At Great Harvest we are aware that whole grains are part of a healthy diet and consuming them on a regular basis has countless benefits. That's why we use freshly milled whole grain flour in our products ;to provide you and your family with the best bread in Austin. ;If you wish to find out what are we baking today, please call ;(512) 329-9216
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