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While artisan bread may very well be the most delicious thing ever, its only downfall is that it can lose its freshness too fast. If you want to learn a few tips so you can store your bread expertly and keep it good as new for a longer amount of time, the post below is just what you need.

How to Store Bread

Leave It Out

You may think that putting your bread on the fridge the moment you get home is the way to go. However, this can make it go stale faster! Instead, leave it out if you'll be eating from it in the near future.

Don't Let It Become Soggy

Freshly baked bread has a warm and delicious taste. However, if it's still hot, you should let it cool down for a bit before placing it inside a bag. This will keep it from becoming soggy due to condensation.

Seal It Well

After you've let your bread breathe, you'll need to put it inside a paper bag (be sure to seal it well so it doesn't lose freshness). Also, store it in a dry place at room temperature so it can last for longer.

Freeze It if Necessary

If you want to keep your bread for the long run, put a plastic bag around it and stick it in the freezer. This way, you'll be able to thaw out slices whenever you want to eat it. Just keep in mind that this method will result in it losing some of its flavor.

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