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For some reason, people think carbs are the enemy and they try to avoid them at all costs-Still, eating the good kind of carbs (high in fiber) in a balanced diet can have a ton of health benefits that they may be missing out on otherwise.

If you aren't sure why you should be including carbohydrates in your daily intake, Great Harvest in Austin has a list of the best reasons to do it in this post.

Top Benefits of Carbohydrates

Big Booster

Carbs have energy pouring out of them. The nutrients and sugars in them give your body the boost it needs to get going. Moreover, it can also improve your emotional state!

Weight Control

Not only can they help you control the weight, they may also help you lose it and keep it off! The dietary fiber present in foods high in carbohydrates makes you feel more satisfied after eating.

Healthy Heart

Another important benefit of consuming carbohydrates high in fiber has to do with your heart. They are responsible for keeping the arteries clean, the blood flowing and your heart strong.

Better Digestion

Finally, good carbs also help with another major process in your body: digestion. They assist your system with moving waste out of the body, helping avoid constipation and indigestion.

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