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If you want an easy way to make your meals seem much fancier and special, then you can prepare bread bowls for your soups and dips! If you follow the simple procedures mentioned below, you'll have this fun, unique and tasty way to present your lunch.

How to Easily Make Bread Bowls for Your Soups

  1. If you want this to go over well, you first need to plan what you'll be eating and how many people you'll be serving. Keep in mind that the thicker the soup or dip is, the less likely it is to leak out.
  2. Finding the right bread is one of the most important steps - search for one that is round, that has a thick crust, and that you'll be actually able to serve food into. You can even pick one whose flavor will complement the ingredients of the soup.
  3. Once you have the bread, you have to cut off a "lid" at the top of it, so turn it on its side to do so. Be wary of how far down you cut it, so you have enough space for the soup.
  4. The next step is to take a spoon and scoop out the excess bread inside. Be sure to leave a thick layer so that the soup can't seep through it as easily. You can also set the excess bread aside for now, and add it in later for extra texture and flavor.
  5. That's basically it! All you have to do now is pour the soup or dip into the bread bowl. We recommend that you put a plate under it in case the soup starts leaking out.

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