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If you want to surprise the special someone in your life this Valentine's Day with a gift that shows them that you care and that you know them well, why not put together a bread gift basket for them? It has the added bonus that they can then share the items in the basket with you, so you can enjoy quality time together. To learn how to do one, keep on reading.

How to Put Together a Bread Gift Basket

The Basket and Accessories

To begin with this tutorial, you will need to get a big enough basket to put all of the items in. It's also a good idea to get some items to decorate it later on, like the other person's favorite flowers, colorful ribbons, a soft linen cloth, and a bow.

The Deliciousness

Now, you'll need to think about what food to give your significant other. Great Harvest has a variety of the freshest and most delicious bread and sweets so that you can add a loaf and a few cookies to the basket. Also, you can think of toppings you would enjoy pairing the bread with (for example, jam or paté).

The Extras

If you want to show that special someone that you know them, add a few extras to the basket. For example, you can include their favorite movie and wine. This way, you can watch the movie on Valentine's Day, while you eat the bread and drink the wine.

The Decor

It's time to decorate the basket. Lay the linen cloth at the bottom of it, and place the items (the bread, sweets, jam, movie, etc.) nicely on top. Shuffle them around until you find the best arrangement. Then, add the decoration: cover the handles with the colorful ribbon, glue the bow to the basket, incorporate the flowers, or do whatever you want to make the basket look prettier.

The Note

Finally, the cherry on the cake. Write your loved one a note telling them what they mean to you, how special they are, and how much you love them. Make it personal and heartfelt, so they can feel how much you appreciate them. Place the note inside the basket as well.

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