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Sandwiches are a staple food in every home. Think about it: they're easy to make, delicious, and, if done right, can be the perfect balanced meal! If you want to make sure your sandwich has all the nutrients you need, then this post byspan style=font-weight: bold; Great Harvest in Austin/span will be your /br /h2 style=font-weight: normal;How to Make the Perfect Sandwich/h2br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Ingredients/h3Before we get started, you need to make sure that all the ingredients you're using in your sandwich are the best around. Organic, whole wheat, lean, and natural foods will ensure that your meal is as healthy as can be!br /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Fiber/h3The basic item in any sandwich: the bread! For this, you need to pick a whole grain loaf that's not only healthy, but tasty, too. Remember that this can make or break your sandwich, so choose /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Main Protein/h3You can make your sandwich out of a lot of different proteins (egg, ham, chicken, etc.). However, you should make sure that you pick the leanest ones possible like turkey meat. This will help you get the protein you need without any of the unhealthy /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;Fruits and Veggie/h3This is where you can go nuts! Mix and match all kinds of flavors here: from red bell pepper, to avocado, lettuce, tomato, among others. They will make your sandwich taste better and give you a ton of vitamins and /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Dairy/h3There's no denying that dairy can really increase the flavor of the sandwich. However, you should be careful with it! Choose cheeses that are low in grease and cholesterol and remember to go easy on the mayo, /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Best Bread for Your Sandwich/h3If you're looking to build a perfect sandwich, then you must come to span style=font-weight: bold;Great Harvest/span! We have a varied selection of the best span style=font-weight: bold;bread in Austin/span that will add tasty flavor to your meal, while keeping it healthy as can be.
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