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div style= class=div style= class= ;We are sure you know that ;span style=font-weight: bold; class=Great Harvest/span ;has the ;span style=font-weight: bold; class=best bread and sweets in Austin/span. We would love to help you enhance the delicious flavors even more by sharing some of our favorite coffee and food pairings. If you love coffee and you love ;span style=font-weight: bold; class=Great Harvest/span, we have some excellent suggestions for you!/divdiv style= class=br/divh3 style=Sweets:/h3div style= class=Let us start with our ever popular Pumpkin and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. Muffins, as a generality, go good with any type of coffee. However, to specifically enhance the Pumpkin flavor, try drinking an earthy Colombian or spicy Costa Rican coffee. To enhance the chocolate, go with espresso. Chocolate and espresso, every time. ;/divdiv style= class=br/divdiv style= class=Our Cranberry Almond Scones are very versatile. If you are all about the cranberry, definitely go with a Kenyan or Haitian coffee. To enhance the almond, going with a nutty Latin American coffee will be your best option. ;/divdiv style= class=br/divdiv style= class=Have you tried our brownies? Delicious, right? How about trying them again with a chocolaty Guatemalan coffee or a full bodied, bold, Indonesian./divdiv style= class=br/divh3 style=Breads:/h3div style= class=For fans of our Lemon Blueberry and/or Cranberry Orange bread, it is absolutely necessary that you try both of these breads with Kenyan coffee. Seriously, there are no words to describe the delight you will taste. The citric nuances of this coffee and the tart tones of either of these bread options will surprise you. ;/divdiv style= class=br/divdiv style= class=If you are in the mood for one of our savory bread choices, don’t fear. We have some ideas for you as well. We highly recommend trying either the Asiago Cheese Sourdough or Spinach Feta with any Pacific Island coffee. Cheese and vegetables are well complemented by this coffee choice. Consider preparing it iced to better balance the sharp taste. ;/divdiv style= class=br/divdiv style= class=spanThere really are endless possibilities, start exploring your taste buds today. Check out ;/spana href=/attachments/stashed_files/Menu_November_2015.pdf target=undefined rollovercss= link_id=link_1449581481176_046926534944213927 style= class=our menu/aspan, stop by, or give us a call at ;span style=font-weight: bold; class=(512) 329-9216/span, to find out what we have prepared fresh for you, right now./span/div/div
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