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 Sometimes, a quick snack is all you want. And, especially now that we're going through the summer months, if said snack is fresh and isn't too bad for your figure, all the better.

Well, if you're craving for something like that, allow us to present to you the cucumber sandwiches. Though they're traditionally eaten during tea time in England, they can hit just the spot during these hungry summer afternoons.

If you don't know how to prepare them, however, worry not, as this post will share with you the recipe to make the perfect cucumber sandwiches.

How to Make the Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches

The Ingredients

  • Cucumbers
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Bread (White, preferably)

The Instructions

  1. After you've washed and peeled the cucumbers, you will need to cut them into thin slices. Place them on a paper towel while you take care of the rest.
  2. Once you're done with that, cut a few bread slices and take the crust off. Then, cut the slices into long rectangles.
  3. Next, spread butter on every single piece of bread (this is the key to preventing a soggy sandwich).
  4. Finally, you just need to place as much cucumber as you want on a piece of bread and close the sandwich with another slice of bread. You can add as much salt and pepper as you think is needed.

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