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;Here is a little known fact; Did you know that Pumpernickel means ;devil's fart ; in the Westphalia dialect of German, the province where the bread originated? The bakers here at Great Harvest in Austin, Texas would like to boost your bread knowledge and share a few interesting and fun facts about this healthy form of sustenance.

1. Flatbreads, have been around for centuries and date back to the Ancient Egyptians. In the Middle-East, Pita bread has been in existence for at least 12,000 years.

2. Bread was so important to the Egyptians that it was used as a type of currency. Even more interesting is that they revered bread so much, they would often place it in the tombs of their dead.

3. There are no cultural bounds for bread. Across nearly every race, religion and country, bread is known as a peace offering, and is used in many religious ceremonies.

4. Back in the 1700's, the word sandwich came from the Earl of Sandwich who granted the use of his name for this novel concept of meat between bread. The sandwich has persevered as a favorite food of people around the world.

5. "That's the worst idea since sliced bread!" Where did this saying come from? In 1943, Claude R. Wickard, the head of the War Foods Administration ;and the Secretary of Agriculture, got the bright idea to ban pre-sliced bread. The reasoning behind this had to do with conservation of resources. It was an unpopular idea to say the least, lasting a very short time.

6. The largest pita bread ever made was in 2001, in Greece. It's dimensions measured in at a whopping 6.23 feet x 5.24 feet!

7. Speaking of pita bread, have you ever wondered why pita bread has a pocket? It is created with steam. Steam is used to cook pita bread, and while it's cooling it begins to flatten but you're still left with that perfect pocket to fill with all of your fresh, yummy ingredients.

8. If you have ever heard the expression ;kiss the cook ;, you should know it's not that simple. According to cultural legends, if you eat the last piece of bread at a meal, it's your responsibility to plant one on the cook.

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We bet these facts have given you a whole new perspective on bread, so the next time you're enjoying a delicious Great Harvest Apple Crunch, Caraway Rye, Cheddar Garlic, or Cinnamon Swirl bread, think about just how interesting bread can be. Drop by our bakery or give us a call at (512) 329-9216 to ask about our weekly menu.
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