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Tips for a Perfect Burger

The barbecue season is almost over but you can still take advantage of the warm temperatures before you store your grill. For this reason at Great Harvest in Austin we would like to share useful tips to prepare a perfect burger.

Choose the Right Meat

It's no secret that a great burger requires the right ingredients and it all starts with the meat. It's recommended that you choose ground beef that contains 20% fat, this way you will get juicy and delicious burgers.

Creating the Patties

You should be very gentle while forming the patties, as overworking the meat can make your burgers chewy. Remember to make an indentation in the middle of your patty to prevent it from shrinking when you cook it.

Cooking Your Burgers

Don't forget that your grill should be warm and ready to cook your burgers. Keep in mind that you should never use the spatula to press your burger, otherwise you will remove its juices. If you are planning to season the patties, you should stick to salt and ground pepper. This is just a simple guideline that will make your burgers taste even better, and remember that you can be creative during the process by using the toppings you want. Also, the temperatures will soon start to drop and having a warm soup will become a necessity, so be sure to read our guide to make a bread bowl at home.

Bakery in Austin

At Great Harvest we follow traditional methods to prepare the best bread in Austin, plus we only use fresh ingredients. Consider us next time you are looking for a bakery in Austin. If you wish to learn what are we baking today, please call (512) 329-9216.
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