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You gave it everything you had. Now you're tired, hungry, and ready to relax. While you may think you can eat whatever you want after you exercise, you should know that the post-workout meals you intake can have a very real impact on your body's ability to recover. If you don't consume the right foods, you may even derail your efforts.As you know, your body needs help in order to rebuild muscle and regain energy. Feeding it with protein-filled meals and high quality, nutritious ingredients up to an hour after a workout will make the process that much more effective. However, if you need ideas to know what you should be eating, continue reading.

Easy Post-Workout Meal Ideas

Protein Pancakes

How about some pancakes as a post-workout meal? Not bad, huh?You can make them at home with coconut flour, almond milk, protein powder, and eggs to give them a healthier (but equally delicious) twist. Use baking soda fluff them up!

Turkey Sandwich

Sandwiches can be the perfect balanced meal when you prepare them the right way, which is why you should try them after you've been working out. Use whole wheat bread, turkey, a little of hummus, and a ton of veggies to aid the recovery process.

Scrambled Eggs and Whole Wheat Toast

As a final post-workout meal, is this beauty: scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast. Make them a real treat by adding extra flavor to them with tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado, mushrooms, and other savory ingredients.

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