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If you're used to hosting parties, then you know that as a host, you should present your guests with a small gift, or party favor, for them to remember that special night by. If you'll be hosting a holiday party this year, below you'll find some tips on how you can easily make the perfect holiday party favors.

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Party Favors

What You'll Need

  • Delicious sweet treats (like cookies with holiday flavors or themes)
  • Transparent cellophane bags that are big enough
  • Small, clear elastic ties
  • Colorful ribbons that go with the holiday season
  • A personal touch

What You Should Do

  1. Search for the perfect holiday sweet treats (you can find delicious ones at Great Harvest, the best bakery in Austin), and get at least one for each of your guests.
  2. Place one or more treats into each cellophane bag and secure the end with a clear elastic so the sweet treat doesn't fall out.
  3. Here comes the fun part: use ribbons in festive colors (gold, red, green, etc.), and tie a bow with them around the elastic band to cover it up.
  4. As a final tip, you can add a personal touch for your party favors. For example, you can write "Thank You" notes and attach them to the bag to make it even more special.

Get Delicious Sweet Treats and Bread at the Best Bakery in Austin!

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