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Who doesn't love a delicious soup once in a while? However, if you want to step up your game in the soup department, you may want to try them in a bread bowl! It won't only make your meals look more special, but it will give your soups and dips a scrumptious twist. If you'd like to learn how to make a bread bowl easily, follow the instructions below.

How to Make a Bread Bowl

Plan Your Meal

First, ;plan your meal. More importantly, decide what ;soup you want to enjoy in a bowl ;so you can buy the right bread to go with it (it's recommended that you choose a soup with a thicker consistency -like a chowder- so it doesn't leak as easily through the bread).

Choose the Perfect Bread

Since this is a bread bowl, you can bet ;that choosing the right bread for it is a pretty big deal. Pick one that is round, big enough, and thick with a crunchy crust. You should also pay attention ;the bread's flavor, so you can choose one that compliments your soup or dip perfectly.

Make the Bread into a Bowl

To make the bread into a bowl, the first thing you should do is cut a lid on the bread. For this, you'll have to turn the bread on its side and cut the top part off. Be sure not to go too far down so there's room for the soup. The next step is to scrape the inside of the bread out so it is hollow, like a bowl. To do this, ;take a spoon and start digging the excess out. Remember to leave a dense layer of bread on the sides so the soup doesn't go anywhere.

Serve the Soup/Dip and Enjoy!

Now you just have to pour the soup/dip into the bowl and delight on your fancy creation! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, serve the bread bowl on a plate to avoid a mess in case the soup spills. Likewise, try ;to eat the soup as soon as possible to minimize any leakage. Finally, add some of the bread that you dug out into the soup/dip to give it a richer flavor and texture.

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