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Yes, store-bought bread can make life easier: you can find it without trouble at the supermarket, it's neatly packaged, and it can be cheaper than artisanal bread. But it's "pros" end there! The fact of the matter is that store-bought bread can be scarier than you thought. To learn more about this, read on.

Facts About Store-Bought Bread

They Deliver Empty Calories

This means that this food is so processed, that much of the benefits of its original ingredients have been stripped, leaving you with an edible that won't do much for your body; it will only deliver calories, and nothing more.

It's Artificial

Store-bought bread needs to have a longer shelf-life, which means that to make it seem good as new when it gets to you, they load it with artificial colors, processed ingredients, and harmful preservatives.

It Can Be Dangerous

If your diet relies heavily on store-bought bread, you may end up having to deal with the consequences. For instance, some of its ingredients, such as dough conditioners, have been linked to health issues.

It Isn't Man-Made

Nowadays, bread companies need to expedite the processes as much as possible to get their product out on the store. This means that they use big machines to whip up their bread. This can make their bread seem impersonal and not as delicious.

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