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Nothing compares to a fresh bread loaf straight out of the oven, however your bread will harden and lose its texture in a few days. However, you should think twice before you discard your stale bread; unless it's moldy, as you can prepare other delicious treats with it. For this reason at Great Harvest in Austin, we would like to share a simple recipe to prepare croutons.

Using the Right Bread

As we said before, leftover bread is perfect to prepare croutons and remember that you can either leave or remove the crust. You can also cube your bread into one inch-thick pieces or torn the pieces of bread

Making the Croutons

Set your oven on medium heat and place your bread on a baking tray and drizzle olive oil on top; season with salt and a teaspoon and finely minced herbs. Place your croutons in the oven and heat them for about 5 minutes, remove the tray and turn over the croutons and put them again in the oven until they are evenly done. ;


Once your croutons are ready, you can either serve them immediately or store them. Just remember that you should keep them in airtight container and store them in a cool and dark place, this way your croutons will stay crunchy for longer time.

You can use your croutons to make your soups and salads even more delicious. Remember that there are other recipes that require stale bread and french toast is one of them, as the bread will absorb the mixture, otherwise it will become soggy, so be sure to read our recipe to prepare this treat.

Bread in Austin

Remember that having stale bread in your kitchen is a sign that you should visit the bakery soon. If you are looking for the best bread in Austin, think about Great Harvest. We use freshly milled whole grain flour to make our products healthy and delicious. If you wish to know what are we baking today, please call (512) 329-9216.
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