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Christmas in undeniably one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Naturally, this means that there are a lot of traditions from all over the world tied to it. One of them comes from 15th century Germany, where people indulged in Christollen bread during this time of the year. To learn more about its tasty story, continue reading the post below!

German Christollen Bread and Christmas

During the 15th century, Europe was going through the Middle Ages, and as such, Germany was in the midst of a very religious period. At the time, people prepared for the Advent season and Christmas by fasting. This meant that bakers couldn't make use of key ingredients when preparing their breads, such as Christollen, which resulted in less-than-stellar food items.

Disgusted with their eating options, the royalty sent letters to the Pope begging him to stop this ban. Still, they were denied numerous times, until finally, the ban was lifted, but only for the nobility.

As times changed, Germany turned into Protestantism more and more, which resulted in this prohibition to be eliminated for the general public as well.

From there, the preparation of Christollen evolved and began to include a slew of tasty ingredients, such as orange peel, raisins, etc. This resulted in a rich, delicious, cake-like bread, that grew in popularity because of its distinguished flavors. As such, it started to become a staple in German Christmas celebrations, later expanding to the rest of the world.

Its popularity then put it at the center of another Christmas tradition that originates from Dresden. There, locals celebrated the Dresden Stollen Festival. It is said that centuries ago, at one of these events, a king ordered a giant Christollen cake to feed all of his subjects. Nowadays, bakers continue with this tradition, making big and heavy Christollen breads each year, that they then parade around town and serve at Dresden’s Christmas fair.

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