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To give it your all during your workouts, you need fuel. The best way to get it, is to consume food 30-60 minutes before you work out, to ensure that your energy will be up and your body will be good to go.For this to be effective, these snacks should be filled with the highest quality proteins and healthy carbs available. Likewise, if you want to maximize your results, control how much you eat, since being too full can actually hurt your workout.But what exactly should you be eating? For a few ideas of pre-workout meals that will give you the boost you need, continue reading.

Easy Pre-Workout Meal Ideas

Whole Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter and Bananas

Who doesn't love this delicious combination? The fact that it is the perfect meal to complete your workout routine makes it even more perfect! Just toast some bread, spread some peanut butter, and place some delicious banana slices on top.

Protein Smoothie

If you're worried you may feel heavy during your workout, then this meal is the right one for you, as it gives you the energy you need in liquid form. To put it together, simply mix almond milk, protein powder, and your favorite fruits.

Yogurt with Almonds and Fruit

Finally, another snack that's easy to prepare, delicious, and very energizing. To make your meal even better, try it with some Greek yogurt. Then, add as many almonds (or other nuts) and dried fruits as you please.

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