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Advantages to Whole Grain Bread

In a ;world of diets, carbohydrates can be a hard sell. Even healthy carbohydrates such as those found in whole grain bread get a bad rep. In this post, ;Great Harvest in Austin ;would like to share ;some ;of the benefits that whole grain breads can provide for you and your family.

Whole Grain Breads Keep You Full for Longer

Maintaining fullness and constant ;energy ;levels between meals ;is one of the most important aspects in choosing what to eat, ;and something that whole grain breads are able to help with. Consisting of a low glycemic index (Low GI), whole grain breads keep your tummy feeling full and your energy levels maintained between meals. This is important if you find yourself ;constantly reaching for a snack in between your meals.

Fiber Content and Healthy Digestion

With eating such a wide range of foods each day, it can be hard for our bodies to maintain ;a constantly healthy digestive system. ;The fiber content in whole gran bread ;is a great way to easily give your body what it needs to keep your digestive system on track.

Delicious and Healthy Bread in Austin

Why not give whole grain bread a try? Give us a call here at ;Great Harvest in Austin ;and ask which freshly baked breads we have in store. We mill our grains each morning so that our bread is not only the freshest, but the tastiest. Call us now on ;512 329 9216 ;and find out what fresh treats we ;have ;for you today.
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