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Whole grain bread should absolutely be a staple food in your daily diet. This is because, as opposed to store-bought bread, it is filled with nutrients and doesn't have any unnecessary junk in it. To prove this point, below you'l find a list of the top nutrients you can find in whole grain bread and how they benefit your body.

Nutrients in Whole Grain Bread

  1. First up, is protein which, as we all know, can do wonders for your muscles. It's recommended that you load up on it especially after a workout to recover fast. Plus, it can help you have stronger bones, nails, hair, and more.
  2. Fiber is also present in whole grain bread, and in a good amount. Fiber is important to control your cholesterol and sugar levels, reduce inflammation, manage your weight, help your digestive system, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  3. Antioxidants, such as vitamin A and C, can be very useful once consumed: they can give you clearer skin, support the immune system, combat the effects of aging, and may even give your heart, eyes, and memory a boost.
  4. Finally, we have minerals. You can find zinc, magnesium, iron, among others in whole grains. Minerals can be of assistance in a slew of bodily functions, for instance, metabolic processes and nerve functions. They can also help you have stronger teeth, bones, and blood.

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