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Many people have the resolution to eat better each year. If this year, you're one of those people, this post will give you a few reasons why you should include more fiber in your new diet (especially from Great Harvest's High 5 Fiber Bread, which is a delicious loaf with whole wheat flour, honey, oat bran, millet, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and wheat bran).

Reasons to Eat More Fiber

To Aid Your Circulatory System

Your heart and your whole circulatory system will thank you if you eat more fiber since it lowers "bad" cholesterol, which is linked to cardiovascular diseases.

To Avoid Diabetes

Fiber also slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This keeps the blood sugar and insulin in your body at healthier levels, which is essential in diabetes prevention.

To Lose and Maintain Weight

Since fiber slows down the digestive process, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning you may eat less, which can help you lose and maintain your weight.

To Help Your Digestion

And speaking of the digestive process, the bulkiness of fiber also helps move waste out of your body, which allows you to stay regular with your bowel movements.

To Fight Off Cancer

Lastly, thanks to the aid your colon receives from fiber, it stays cleaner, which makes it less likely that you'll contract colon cancer.

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