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The scariest day of the year is coming up, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get a bit creative with the snacks you serve your children. If you want to prepare delicious Halloween-themed snacks for your child, refer to the ideas below.

Healthy Bread-Based Halloween Snacks

  1. First, you can create a haunted bread-yard. To do it, you can toast a few slices of bread, cut them up into tombstones, then place them in a standing position in a plate of thick hummus dip.
  2. You can also make a freaky treasure chest. To that end, cut a loaf of bread horizontally and remove the filling to create a kind of bread bowl. After that, you can fill the treasure chest with dip, and arrange carrot sticks to look like hands reaching out!
  3. Speaking of bread bowls, you can also make a bread o' lantern. First, follow this tutorial to create a bread bowl. Then, draw its eyes and mouth with pieces of American cheese. Stick them to the side of the bread bowl, and there you go! Serve soup or dip in them.
  4. Last but not least, you can make spooky sandwiches. For that purpose, purchase bread mold cutters in the shape of ghosts, spiders, skulls, or other, and use them to make the bread into them. Then, put together a delicious sandwich that your children will both love and be scared of!

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