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Going on a picnic and eating a meal while you enjoy the outdoors is a fun way to break out of the routine. If you want to prepare easy, delicious, portable meals to take on your picnic, read through the post below.

Meal Options for Your Picnic


A well-done sandwich (with lean meats, loads of veggies, a bit of mayo and cheese), can be tasty, easy to prepare, and simple to take to your picnic and eat there. Plus, you can mix a ton of different ingredients to make it to your liking.


A fresh, fruity salad (like one made with chicken breast and peach or strawberries) can also give your picnic an interesting and savory twist. Remember to put the salad in a big container to travel, and to bring plates and cutlery to eat.


Another simple meal that's easy to make and to take on a picnic is a delicious quesadilla. If you want to take your quesadillas to the next level, however, eat it with avocado, some tomato slices, and even a piece of turkey ham.

Sweet Treats

What's a picnic without a delicious dessert? Pack some muffins, cookies, or other sweet treats to end your perfect afternoon at the park with. Search through Great Harvest's selection to choose the best one for your picnic.

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