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Garlic bread is easily one of the tastiest whole grain breads Great Harvest in Austin has to offer. It is so delicious that you'll surely want to eat it with every meal. However, there are certain foods that pair up with garlic bread especially well since they complement each other's flavors perfectly. The post below will give you a few ideas of what these are, so you can try these winning combinations at home!

Garlic Bread Pairings


If you have a soft spot for Italian cuisine, then this is the perfect pairing for you. Just imagine a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, a fresh leaf of basil on top, and a hot slice of the most flavorful garlic bread. Yum!


If you like your salads to have some croutons on them, then you should give garlic bread a try. Mix up lettuce, tomato, walnuts, feta cheese, chicken breast, and strawberries, and accompany them with garlic bread for a delicious and nutritious meal.


Finally, this list wouldn't be complete without soups. Especially now that the winter months are here, nothing seems better to endure the cold weather than a bowl of steaming tomato soup with a tasty slice of garlic bread to bring out its flavor.

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