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Sometimes, we just need to lay back, rest and enjoy an afternoon watching a movie or a TV show. Still, to fully emerge in the experience, you need to have a delicious (and preferably healthy) snack to munch on! If you're in this situation, and would like a tasty and easy option, Great Harvest in Austin will share with you a tuna dip recipe in this post.brbrh3How to Make Tuna Dip /h3brh3Grab the Ingredients/h3First and foremost, you should get the ingredients! For this recipe, you'll need:brbr250g of tuna (canned in water)br100g of half creambr50g of bell pepperbr20g of chipotle chilibr2 diced garlic clovesbrSeasoning (to your liking)brbrh3Add Them In and Start Blending/h3Now, here's the most complicated part of this recipe: you need to add all the ingredients into the blender and start mixing! Keep going at it until you see an homogeneous paste form.brbrh3Take a Taste/h3Before you're completely done, grab a spoon and take a taste of your tuna dip! This is the perfect time for you to decide if you want more of an ingredient and fix it to your liking.brbrh3Enjoy!/h3It's time to enjoy the fruit of your labor! Sit back, relax and delight on delicious tuna dip. You can put out some small pieces of toast bread to spread the dip on.brbrh3Try Your Tuna Dip with the Best Bread in Austin!/h3As mentioned above, toast bread can be a great companion for your tuna dip. So, if you'd like to find the right one for it, come to Great Harvest! Not only that, but you can use it to make your a href= target=_self rollovercss={ ;color ;: ;#ff0000 ;} link_id=link_1451936068405_0211020516930148sandwiches/a, a href= target=_self rollovercss={ ;color ;: ;#ff0000 ;} link_id=link_1451936068406_05993780884891748french toast/a and other meals that much better, so come try our bread out.
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