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Hummus is perfect for an afternoon snack, as an appetizer for a dinner, or as extra flavor in sandwiches! This versatile meal is not only delicious, but if it's made with the right ingredients, it can provide a bunch of the protein and nutrients you need.

If you'd like to learn to make hummus for your home, Great Harvest in Austin has this simple recipe for you!

How to Prepare Hummus at Home

Gather the Ingredients

For this recipe, you'll need: 500 gr of peeled chickpeas, 60 ml of lemon juice, 15 ml of water, 10 ml of olive oil, half a garlic clove (minced), salt and pepper to your liking, and sesame seeds, bell pepper, etc. for extra flavor.

Get the Chickpeas Ready

Before you start, you need to make sure that the chickpeas are ready. To do this, wash them with a generous amount of water until they're tender. Once they are, drain them completely.

Mix and Blend

In a big enough container, start mixing all of the ingredients. Then, take a hand blender and start mashing everything together (or you can just put everything in a regular blender). Do this until you have a homogeneous paste.

Taste Test

The moment of truth is here! Take a spoon and dip it into the hummus. Taste it and decide if it's missing more of some of the ingredients. If it is, add them and blend it all well once again.

Serve and Enjoy

That's it! Wasn't it easy? Now you get to enjoy your hummus however you want: you can serve it as an appetizer in a dinner, or eat it with whole grain toast as an afternoon snack.

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