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div There's nothing like waking up late on sunday and staying in bed until it's time to get something to eat. Unfortunately, it's very possible that when you open the refrigerator there isn't a lot of food. Don't worry! we have a choice for you: french /br /This great treat requires only a few ingredients, it's easy to prepare and it's delicious. That's why, at span style=font-weight: bold;Great Harvest in Austin/span, we tell you how to make a delicious french /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;Ingredients/h34 Large Eggsbr /8 Slices of BreadButterbr / ; Teaspoon of Vanilla Extractbr /1 Cup of Milkbr /1 Teaspoon of Cinnamonbr /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;Mix!/h3Use a bowl to whisk the eggs, milk, cinnamon and the vanilla abstract; make sure to combine thoroughly the ingredients. ;In the meantime, set your stove to medium heat and have a large pan /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;The Bread/h3It's important that your bread is a bit stale, that way it will absorb a lot of the custard without getting soggy. The slices shouldn't be too thin nor thick; remember that the center has to be cooked. Now that you have the perfect slices, soak them in the egg /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;Heat!/h3Now that your pan is preheated, add the butter. As soon as it melts place a slice of bread; cook each side for 3 or 4 minutes. Your goal, should be getting a nice golden color. Remember to add cooking spray between each batch, that way your bread won't burn!br /br /h3 style=font-weight: normal;Extra Flavor/h3We are almost there! Remember to add your favorite marmalade, maple syrup, powdered sugar or apple sauce; it's really up to you! ;br /br /Yes, that stale bread was useful, but it's time to visit your local span style=font-weight: bold;Great Harvest/span for more delicious whole grain bread! Our incredible bread and sweets menu has something for everyone. Make sure to look for us, next time you are looking for the best span style=font-weight: bold;bread in Austin./spanbr /br /To know what's baking in our oven, please call (512) 329-9216. /div
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